Thursday, 26 May 2011

Juneathon here I come

OKKKKKK!! So it's been a while since my last entry.  My running has fallen by the wayside too. I am in the midst of exam revision and am ready and raring to go for Juneathon.  I have just registered on the site, love the sunny logo and am sooooo getting a tshirt.  Fortunately my exams will all be over by the 6th June so I should be able to accomadate Juneathon for that short period of time until I am free.  I am looking forward to getting back into it, woo wooo woooo!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

A whole month ayyeeeeeee!!!!

Exercise has been somewhat lacking in my life since being ill earlier this year. I sure can tell!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my little run, this is it, this is me, regular runner, no less than 3 times a week, doesn't matter on the distance, just get out there. Nothing beats that running feeling, awesome

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New route, whoopidooo!

Right, so there is this vast amount of green space near to where I live and I always get lost in it so tend to avoid running through it.  This is a waste.  Yesterday, my whole route was planned around conquering the getting lostness and I did it, woooo!  It was such a beautiful run and you can see the sun rising over the docklands, I need to take my proper camera next time I do a morning run.  It took me a while to recover from last weeks run,  I found this one pretty tough too, it's amazing how quickly you lose your fitness after illness/injury.  I'll 'just keep running' and I am sure I will be back upto speed in no time.

Next race is May 30th, Bupa 10k, bring it on!

My ipod is not synching, grrr, I am hoping it is because 'the latest version of itunes is being downloaded'.

Miles this week so far: 4
I can't remember what all my other stats where so I will cut paste it during the week. I have 16 miles left to run this week...

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Day 1 of the rest of my training

Wow, this is what I would call the first day of 'proper training' in about two months and wow could I feel it!!!  I did just under five miles, got completely lost in the hills and wanted to curl up and die after mile 1, hahahah!

I've reviewed and replotted my goal this year....I am going to run between 1000 miles to 2011 km (looks more impressive by swapping the units heh ;)

If I go more than ten days without running, the counter resets.  I had few other rules but I can't remember them!  I am relieved to be chilling on the sofa right now!  I am doing the Bupa 10k in May, anyone doing that? I have just decided I am going to do a marathon in October, not for a sub four but just for something closer to aim for than London next year.

Running I have deduced is like porridge.  If you think of running as the stirring and your heart as the porridge.  When you heat the porridge on the stove and stir it, it takes on a rather malleable consistency and goes down rather easily, if you leave it, it becomes hard and difficult to stir.  In the same way, if you don't run for ages, you struggle and find it difficult but if you keep at it regularly it is not so bad!

Anyway, I am off to bond with my bestie and go and see Usher later, til tomorrow!

Oh one more thing, if I don't blog about it on the day it happened, it didn't happen!

Miles this month: 4.91
Miles this year: 4.91
Miles to go: 995.1 (owch!)

Really going now, BTW if you are on Runkeeper, add me! xx

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Reviewing Jan

I'm still not quite into this daily blogging lark.  I think my achievement for Jan is blogging full stop!  I try not to switch the computer on if I can as else I will lose hours aimlessly looking at things on the internet so tend to use my phone which sometimes won't let me update.

Anyway,  I suspect this will be my last blog of my first full month.

Mon I went to Muay Thai - I was really apprehensive as I hadn't been for a while, I got all the way there and even when I was outside the gym I was contemplating going home.  I am so pleased I didn't, I really thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am going to brave the sparring this week too, eeeek.

Tues I ached, don't you love the burn!!!  I went to an abs class and to kangoo.  That is soooooo much fun, I may look into getting a pair for training in.

Weds was back at Muay Thai - it was like I had never been away, I must remember to fully extend and not to be too far away from the object I am kicking (that's a note for me!)

Thurs was scheduled day off and I sure needed it!  Fri I was still exhausted and miised Muay Thai, still I trained three times in a row and thought I'd best not over do it ;)  I decided to sack running this week altogether and concentrate on just getting back into being at work and going to the gym.  Some of the routes are pretty random so if I did take a turn for the worse I may have been waiting a while for assistance!

I am really excited about trying out my new route this week though, bring it on, Monday morning when everyone is all grumpy about going to work, I'll be pulling on the trainers and checking it out, wooowoooo!

My goal for next month's blog is to reach double figures!!

Have a fab weekend everyone!  See you all next month xx

Sunday, 23 January 2011

One day left

Ok, so I am back on the training tomorrow.  Like I already mentioned, I am going to take it easy, I have spent the whole of this week lying on the sofa, so back to work, back to training, really don't want to end up overdoing it and spend longer in bed, arghhhhh!

In preperation for Febathon I will run a max of ten miles this coming week (I said I was going to take it easy!!)  I should nicely be upto 20-30 then for Feb plus not forgetting I will still be at Muay Thai anyway so it's all good.

Let's see how I go.....

Friday, 21 January 2011

Cabin Fever and whales

It would have to be perfect glorious running weather when I am banished to the realms of the indoors.  Beautiful fresh morning air, barely a breeze, sun streaming through the trees, leaves swishing slowly in the wind.  Plus I have a new pair of running tights I want to start getting dirty.  Aaah, two more days of this and I should be back on it Monday.  My chest contractions yesterday were hardly there in comparison to the past few days so there is most certainly something to be said for this resting malarky, do NOT underestimate it!  I even walked up a flight of stairs yesterday without panting for breath!!

As a consolation, I have just entered the Bupa 10k run, I couldn't do it last year as it was a week after Edinburgh marathon and I think I needed a rest after doing the #kilomathon, #londonmarathon and #edinburghmarathon all within eight weeks (the trials and tribulations of those I shall save for another day...)

I love running in London, it's awesome.  There is so much history, so many beautiful landmarks, the Thames (note I didn't call that beautiful, haha) I still love being by the water though, it's so peaceful, albeit the Thames is full of lergies  That's why that poor whale died that got stranded in it, nothing to do with stress, nosirreee, poor thing got poisoned.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  There are many times where I wake up and think 'I'm going to run to the river today'  Off I go, eight-ten miles later I mingle with the tourists for about five minutes, stretch off whilst watching the sun glisten off the water and then jump on the tube home all sweaty and smelly, haha.

Isn't it funny how you can tell what day of the week it is and the time of day by the people on the tube.  Here's an idea for a sociology student-gather a bunch of people, disorientate them so they have no idea what day it is.  Put them on the tube and see if they guess right!

Hmmm, well all being well I should be back out on Mon, my first day back at work after being in hospital so I shall be taking it very easy and will only do a wee little run methinks, over a couple of bridges and back.

Right, think I've waffled on a lot and not much about running, #feettothebeat in t - two days, whooop whoop!

Have a good day/weekend everyone, keep those hankies at the ready!!!